My bean-to-bar chocolate Journey

Follow my attempts to learn all about the world of chocolate.

Hi, My name is Danny and I have decided to share my interest in and my journey learning how to make chocolate from the farm to the bar.

So about myself. I’m from London and first came to Thailand after university to travel and I fell in love with the country. A few years after that first trip, I came back to Thailand to teach English. I have always loved chocolate but became fascinated with the making process after watching a youtube documentary. Since then, I have been researching all about chocolate and decided to share everything I learn with you.

The Chocolate Making Process

How to make bean-to-bar Chocolate.

My main focus is to take you on my journey learning how to make chocolate from the cocoa farm to the chocolate bar, from bean-to-bar. You will see me visit cocoa plantations in Thailand, select the beans and then attempt to make different chocolate recipes. You will see all of my failures as well as my successes. You can even share your chocolate endeavours with us. Most importantly, I hope that I can spread the fair trade bean-to-bar chocolate movement to Thailand and maybe even further afield.

Phaya Nak or Phaya Naga

A mythical creature overseeing my chocolate endeavours.

Phaya Nak or Phaya Naga is a mythical serpent-like creature believed to live in the Mekong river. As I teach in a town near to the Mekong, I have heard all about this legend and seen the imagery all around me. I just thought it would be an interesting name for my chocolate blog. I can imagine a fire-breathing serpent eating a fiery hot chilli chocolate bar.

And so, In 2018 Chocolate was born.

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