The best chocolate of the month clubs around the world in 2019

If you enjoy eating chocolate as much as I do, you will absolutely love being a member of a chocolate of the month club.

To truly appreciate the diverse range of chocolate out there, you should try chocolate from not just your home country, but from around the world.

Why give someone just a box of chocolates when you can arrange for them to receive different chocolates every month?

So join a chocolate of the month club to experience the remarkable world of chocolate.

But, what is a chocolate of the month club and where can i join around the world? Read on to find out.

The best chocolate of the month clubs to join in 2019

What is a chocolate of the month club?

A chocolate of the month club is a subscription service, where for a monthly fee, a selection of the finest or most unique chocolates will be delivered right to your door. There are many monthly clubs out there for a whole host of products such as beer, cheese, wine and coffee. But, none can compare to the delight of opening a new set of delicious chocolates every month. Well, that’s how I feel at least.

Every chocolate club offers something slightly different. Here we discuss the unique features of each club. From the price and shipping details to the type of chocolate and distinctive club highlights.

Which chocolate clubs to join?

Which chocolate club to join?

A chocolate of the month club is not just great to join for yourself, it is also a perfect gift to give someone that is a chocolate lover.

With so many different types of clubs to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one to join. That’s where we come in. We have reviewed and compared the best clubs around the world, so you don’t have to.

So if you are looking to join or offer as a gift, here are the best chocolate clubs around the world to join.

  • Country: United States
  • Price: $40.95/mo. + $14.00 S&H
  • Membership: Monthly, Every other month, Every 3 months
  • How to pay: Pay in one installment, Pay Per shipment

About this club

The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club offers creative handcrafted chocolates from around the world. They focus on small-batch artisanal chocolate makers that, unlike mass-produced chocolate, only use high-quality cocoa and innovative ingredients. They believe that chocolate is a culinary art and so send chocolate that not just tastes great, but are artful creations.

It is a great club to join as they give a fantastic variety of different types of chocolate. You do not just receive artistic bars of chocolate, but also truffles, pralines and a whole host of other chocolate creations. They really do use chocolate makers from around the world and many of them make their own bean to bar chocolate. If you really are a chocolate lover, you will appreciate the monthly newsletter with detailed tasting notes, chocolatier profiles, and serving suggestions.

A few of their chocolate highlights

  • Mindo Chocolate Makers – A tree to bar chocolate maker that make beautifully looking single origin chocolate bars using cocoa grown in Equador.
  • Mayana Chocolates – A wide selection of fair trade chocolates, using ingredients from around the world such as Mint, pistachios,  cayenne pepper, ginger, matcha green tea, yuzu etc.
  • Leonidas Chocolates – Chocolates made in Brussels comprising of fresh butter creams, cream liquors, caramels, ganaches and pralines.
  • The Secret Chocolatier –  Offers selections of unique chocolate including cakes in a jar, toffees, brownies, truffles, bonbons and many others.


Deliveries sent on the 3rd Tuesday or Wednesday of each month to all states except Alaska & Hawaii.

Costing $14.00 per delivery.

Become a Member

Click and use code ‘SAVE10’ to get $10 off any 4 shipment order at The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club.

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Price: £19.99 Monthly, £59.97 3 Months, £ 99.95 6 Months, £ 199.90 12 Months
  • How to pay: Pay Monthly or Per Subscription (see above)

About this club

Montezuma’s Chocolate Club delivers award-winning British chocolate through your door every month. They offer two different chocolate boxes, the classic mixed milk, white, and dark chocolate and a 100% cocoa Absolute Black box. You will receive a 600g selection of innovative British chocolate bars, truffles and buttons in a nice little compact box that can fit through your letterbox. The Absolute 100% cocoa bar subscription includes 750g of chocolate bars in 4 different flavours ranging from plain, orange, cocoa nibs, almond, hemp and sea salt.

Montezuma’s is a great British chocolate maker and it is definitely a rewarding chocolate club to join. They have such a wide variety of unique chocolate flavours, beautifully creamy truffles and you can even personalise your own chocolate bar wrapper. It would also be a perfect gift to anyone who loves chocolate as you can add a personalised message in the first box just by emailing them.

A few of their chocolate highlights


Free Shipping. The subscription boxes are dispatched around the 15th of each month and delivered by the Royal Mail.

The chocolate club will only currently deliver to the UK, but they do deliver chocolates from their shop to Europe, Canada and the United States.

Become a Member

Click here to sign up to Montezuma’s Chocolate Club

  • Country: Continental United States
  • Price: $35.95/mo. + Free Delivery
  • Membership: 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 month plans.
  • How to pay: Can pay monthly or in full.

About this club

Clubs of America started the first chocolate of the month club in the United States since 1994. They deliver 1 pound of hand-dipped gourmet chocolates to your door each month in a custom presentation box. The chocolates are supplied by a renowned confectioner and carefully chosen by a judging panel to ensure you receive the highest quality every time. The chocolates are made in small batches and only use all-natural ingredients.

It is highly recommended as they have a huge membership and they deliver a variety of different types of chocolate. These include Macadamia Delights, Truffles, Island Special, Chocolate Mousse, Turtles, and many others. Along with the chocolates, you will receive a monthly Chocolate Expeditions Newsletter and you can even personalise a gift letter. As a bonus, the delivery is completely free.

A few of their chocolate highlights

  • Truffles – A selection of creamy handmade truffles with a variety of different flavours and coatings.
  • Macadamia Chocolate – A variety of bite-sized chocolate covered nuts with Macadamia being a favourite.
  • Turtles – Turtle shaped candy made with crunchy pecans, buttery caramel and covered in decadent chocolate.
  • Chocolate Mousse – They even send a rich, fluffy and intensely chocolatey mousse.


Deliveries should be recieved by the 3rd or 4th week of each month to all states on continental United States.

Free Delivery

Become a Member

Click to become a member of Clubs of America’s Chocolate of the Month Club

  • Country: New Zealand
  • Price: 6 selection – $36 per month + shipping, 9 selections – $54 per month + free shipping
  • Membership: 2 memberships (see above), can cancel anytime
  • How to pay: Pay monthly

About this club

My Chocolate Box is a Kiwi subscription service that delivers a collection of handcrafted artisanal chocolate to your door each month. Their chocolatiers are based in Aukland and they aim to deliver the best chocolates New Zealand has to offer. They offer 2 sizes of boxes and a separate gift box service that will contain at least nine different products, and between 50 – 80 pieces in every box. They only use premium ingredients and promise to never compromise on quality. My Chocolate Box is free to join and free to cancel.

My chocolate box is the best chocolate club in New Zealand and delivers a very interesting mix of chocolates. Some of the fascinating chocolates include Popping Candy Bark, Gingerbread Truffle, Lemon Love Bites, Dark Truffle Cup, Cashew Toffee Shards and many more. There really are a large variety of different chocolate shapes, colours and flavours. Some of them are beautifully decorated with different colours and toppings and you get a surprisingly decent amount of chocolate every time.

A few of their chocolate highlights

  • Peanut & Strawberry Inbetweeners – A delicious take on the American classic peanut butter and strawberry jelly.
  • Raspberry Ruby – Delightful truffles that are so good because of its fresh creamy raspberry ganache.
  • Gingerbread Truffle – A perfect bite-sized treat with the warmth and comforting taste of gingerbread.
  • Orange Tablet – A chocolate tablet with the inclusion of an intense orange flavour.


Delivery are usually very fast as orders placed before midday are dispatched that afternoon. Deliveries in Auckland are usually delivered the next working day and most South Island deliveries are delivered in 3 working days.

  • Standard (exc RD) $5.00
  • Rural Delivery NZ wide (RD) $9.90
  • Saturday Delivery $4.00 extra (not currently available, but coming soon)

Become a Member

Click to become a member of My Chocolate Box

  • Country: United States Excluding Alaska and Hawaii
  • Cravers Club: Exclusive Member Discounts & VIP Discounts and Previews
  • Membership: Free Membership

About this club

Although Cravers Club is not a chocolate of the month club, I wanted to give it a special mention as joining enables you to receive discounts and product samples of a fine range of sugar-free Belgian chocolates. They have a wide variety of different types of chocolate such as bars, truffles, bark and chocolate covered almonds and pretzels. For the health-conscious, Amberlyn Chocolates are all sugar-free as their Belgian chocolate is sweetened with the natural plant-based sweetener – Maltitol and their milk chocolate only contains the milk sugar – lactose.

It is definitely a worthwhile club for any American chocolate enthusiasts that are seeking delicious sugar-free Belgian chocolate. Joining their Cravers Club will allow you to receive discounts on products and shipping ranging from 5% to 40% and sometimes even FREE chocolate. It also gives you the chance to sample their line of gourmet chocolates and even preview some of their new products before they go on sale to the public.

A few of their chocolate highlights

All Sugar Free


Orders are shipped the same day if placed by 1pm Monday-Wednesday. If ordered after 1pm wednesday, it will be shipped the following Monday.

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Click to join Amberlyn Chocolates Cravers Club

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